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House of Loki: Sons of Mischief by Medusa-Dollmaker
Ooo~ Pretty BD 

I try to prove my worth, my feelings, my intentions but all you do is push me away. I can’t live without you but I cant go on like this. I love you.

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Anonymous asked: Who is the girl you're in love with? I thought you had someone already

I’ve been single for around 5-6 months now. Please, try to keep up

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son, your mother and i are very concerned

i never laughed at two cats harder before

So, tomorrow. The most nervous I’ve been in a long time, getting to meet the girl I’ve been madly in love with her for nearly 2 years. Actually shaking.


fun fact: statistically girls are more likely to get pregnant than boys

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Just wanting to make her happy, please be happy, I need you far more than you can ever understand. I lost you once and I swore never again. I love you. MY sweetheart

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